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Garden Sheds & Summerhouses

Sheds and Summerhouses
Plastics can be used throughout your garden to help save money and create indestructible outbuildings such as sheds, summerhouses, and greenhouses.
We recommend using Polycarbonate Glazing for the majority of garden constructions as it over 250 times stronger than glass and shatterproof. Find out more about our cut to size polycarbonate services by clicking here.
Replacement Windows & Glazing
Our customers always return to us for their plastic windows and glazing. Replacement greenhouse panels and shed/summerhouse windows are available on our website – and can be cut to any size and shape.
Using polycarbonate helps you prevent future breakages, saving you money in the long run and ensuring that your storage buildings are secure.
Creating Garden Storage
For those who prefer to forgo DIY tasks, we also supply readymade plastic sheds and bin sheds in several sizes. These are entirely weather-proof and lockable structures that can fit in any outdoor space.
Take a look at our range of Voyager and Bin Sheds by clicking here.
If you need some storage solutions and inspiration, you should check out recent blog all about maximising space in your home. We cover everything from decluttering to creating some DIY storage items. Find out by clicking here.
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Garden Sheds & Summerhouses
Garden Sheds & Summerhouses
Garden Sheds & Summerhouses
Garden Sheds & Summerhouses
Garden Sheds & Summerhouses
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