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Magnetic Secondary Glazing - Reducing Draughts and Noise

Magnet glazing is suitable for internal use on any non-opening window frame.

Installation of secondary glaznig is very straightforward; white steel tape with a self-adhesive backing is stuck to the window frame and magnetic tape is stuck to the rear of the glazing sheet, which then simply clips into position.

Once fitted, the secondary glazing reduces both heat loss and draughts making your rooms feel much warmer. You will also notice a significant reduction in condensation and outside noise.

We have a number of customers who have purchased the Magnetic secondary glazing system for use in listed buildings as it is generally allowed by conservation officers because of its removable nature.

Listed buildings require special consent for window replacement, and within a conservation area, planning consent may also be required for the replacement of windows in buildings which are not listed.

Having standard double glazing fitted to a window in an historic building will not only results in the loss of the buildings old glass but will also add more weight. This additional weight can cause problems and is generally best avoided. If the building is listed, consent is unlikely to be granted for an alteration such as double glazing which is generally deemed as unnecessary.

Magnetic Secondary glazing has the advantage over double glazing in that it is completely reversible: the window can be returned to its original condition in the future if required.

As Magnetic glazing is fixed to the interior of the frame the exterior of the building remains unaltered.
If you want to try your own project and you need any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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Magnetic Secondary - Reducing Draughts and Noise
Magnetic Secondary - Reducing Draughts and Noise
Magnetic Secondary - Reducing Draughts and Noise
Magnetic Secondary - Reducing Draughts and Noise