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Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets

Display Boxes & Show Cases
We have manufactured storage devices and display boxes for customers across the country. Using acrylic provides you with a crystal-clear display box to show off your most prized possessions! Acrylic is half the weight of glass and 10 times stronger, making sure your items are protected from any knocks.
In our Leeds and Newcastle factories, we can create bespoke plastic display cases or provide the materials you need to assembly your own. Make sure to contact our customer service team if you need advice. Email us at
Salisbury Cathedral
In the past, we have put together display cabinets for a wide range of different customers and demands. This has included the architects at Salisbury Cathedral who were looking to find a secure home for their scale model of the beautiful building.
For added levels of safety and security, their case was glazed with indestructible polycarbonate, which is 250 times stronger than glass.
Other Projects
Some examples of other items our customers enclose in plastic, include:

  • Model Cars & Ships
  • Geodes and Gems
  • Karate Belts
  • Personal effects
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Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets
Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets
Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets
Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets
Display Boxes & Storage Cabinets
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