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Protect Your Garden / Outdoor Table


Most wood and metal garden furniture requires some maintenance cleaning every year and protection throughout harsher winter weather. Common advice is to store your garden furniture indoors over winter but if you are not able or don’t want to do that, what solutions exist that will protect your furniture ? Especially that will help make your cleaning maintenance a little easier when the time comes to do that. Learn more about solutions here.

Solution 1 - applying protective paints and treatments

Choices vary depending on your choice of garden furniture. Metal furniture needs to be protected from rusting and applying a rust preventing paint around every two years can maintain a barrier to weather. Wooden garden furniture needs to be protected from rotting and dirt build up. Hardwood furniture (eg. teak) is naturally more weather resistant than soft wood furniture and can can last for many years with no treatment at all but an annual wash with soapy water to remove lichen and dirt build up helps. Softwoods need more maintenance to keep good condition. Surfaces need regular washing with a wood-cleaning product and treating (in dry weather) with a wood stain or paint containing preservative. Heavy-duty waterproof covers are also a popular option to keep out the worst of the winter weather.

Solution 2 – use covers

For something which looks a bit nicer and less like a cover, acrylic table covers are growing in popularity.  Looking just like glass but 10 x stronger, acrylic table covers sit on top of your table protecting it from rain and debris while at the same time looking like a high end glass table top. Because they are 10 x stronger than glass they are unlikely to break - and if they do, they are much safer, shattering into a few large pieces not lots of tiny shards like glass. Acrylic table covers can be delivered to your home ready sized to cover your table and acrylic cut to exact sizes can be bought easily here.

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Protect Your Garden / Outdoor Table
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