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In the Garden

Acrylic and Polycarbonate are great for the garden whatever the weather.

Compared to glass acrylic is super-strong. This means it is a safer option for outdoors as it is less likely to break. It is not only approximately 17 times stronger than glass but if it does break it will not shatter into sharp shards as glass does. At the same time, acrylic is only half as heavy as glass which makes it easier to lift, handle and work with, and indeed a better choice for projects if weight is an issue.

If you'd like a super strong option, take a look at polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is stronger than glass and acrylic. In fact, it is 200 x stronger than glass and is so strong it is the material used in police riot shields. 

Colourful Patio Area
If you’d like to add a bit of colour to your garden, you could choose from the range of translucent colours available. We love how one of our customers injected some colourful design into her garden using translucent coloured acrylic.

All Weather BBQ Hut
Thanks to our customer for sending in this photo showing how they have made their BBQ area ready for all weathers! Not to be deterred by wind or rain, this BBQ area has been protected with the addition of polycarbonate glazing. Polycarbonate has been cut to the sizes needed with holes drilled in too, so it was ready to fix straight onto the BBQ area frames.

Garden Mirror
Acrylic mirror can be used outdoors to make your garden appear larger and brighter. Silver acrylic mirror was supplied cut to the sizes our customer needed to fix it to a wall in the garden. The mirror remains outside as a great way to create the look of more space and light.

Care must be taken when positioning mirror outdoors particularly when used near combustible materials. Do not place the mirror in areas of direct sunlight as this can intensify the sun’s rays and cause focussed heat spots.

Acrylic mirror does weather outdoors over time with changes in temperature and moisture. The mirror will still be attractive and reflective but will develop a more weathered antiqued appearance.

Making a Sheltered Spot
5mm clear acrylic has been used by one of our customers to cover the trellis style fence and turn a windy corner into a pleasant sheltered spot in the garden.

Garden Mosaic
A piece of clear cut to size acrylic was used by one creative customer to provide the background material for this beautiful mosaic craftwork.
If you are planning your own outdoor project and would like any advice about the best plastic to choose, please contact out friendly customer service team at who will be very happy to help. Back to All Case Studies
In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden
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