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In the Garden

In the Garden
As summer approaches, all our attention turns to garden and outdoor spaces. Making the most of warm weather is a necessity here in the UK when rain is more common than anything else!
Our customers have used plastics in a wide range of different ways in their gardens. We’ve put together the top ideas below, but if you would like more design tips, make sure to check out our blog by clicking here.
Choosing your Plastic
For gardens, we recommend using either acrylic (Perspex) or polycarbonate - depending on the use.
Both plastics can be cut to any size or shape and are available in clear as glass panels. Polycarbonate is virtually indestructible as it is 250 times stronger than glass (acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass).
Garden Mirrors
Flood your garden with light thanks to plastic garden mirrors. These mirrors are half the weight of glass and 17 times stronger, making them the perfect addition to any outdoor space.
Garden mirrors are perfect to bounce light around a smaller space and make it feel much sunnier and larger. Silver mirrors can be cut to any size or shape too.
Acrylic mirror does weather outdoors over time with changes in temperature and moisture. The mirror will still be attractive and reflective but will develop a more weathered antiqued appearance.
Garden Sheltering
Creating an all-weather garden spot is perfect for the unpredictable weather in this country! You can use acrylic/polycarbonate to create a small lean-to, or you can purchase one of our larger patio covers, which make a great entertaining space.
All-weather BBQ Hut

We all love a BBQ during the summer – and we are no strangers to damp BBQs here in the UK!
Our customers are not deterred by poor weather though! And they have sent in pictures of their DIY BBQ hut that can withstand wind, rain, and more.
It was put together using indestructible polycarbonate. Check out our blog and guide for more information on this here.
Colourful Patio Area
If you’d like to add a bit of colour to your garden, you could choose from the range of translucent colours available. We love how one of our customers injected some colourful design into her garden using translucent coloured acrylic.
If you are planning your own outdoor project and would like any advice about the best plastic to choose, please contact out friendly customer service team at who will be very happy to help.
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In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden
In the Garden