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3D Printer Enclosures

We’ve had some great photographs sent in by our customers of 3D printer enclosures they have built using clear acrylic.

In the photographs shown, 5mm clear acrylic has been used in the construction of the enclosure.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to enclose your 3D printer

Prevent injury
It is recommended that 3D printers are operated within an enclosure that prevents the user coming into contact with the parts that pose a risk of burns such as the nozzle or the heated bed.
The nozzle in particular gets very hot and whilst in operation would usually be at a temperature of between 190°C and 260°C in order to melt the filament to the right consistency for 3D printing.

Contain Fumes and Odours
As the filament is melted by the printer in order for the object to be printed, an odour will generally be emitted. Dependant on the filament material used, this odour can be particularly unpleasant or even harmful.

Lower Noise
As 3D printers are getting less expensive, more and more people are using them for hobby purposes. Where noise may not be an issue in a work place, it very well may be in the home. By having the printer in an enclosure, the sound level is dulled significantly.

Reduce Temperature Fluctuation
As well as the safety aspect, an enclosure can aid successful printing. Reducing draughts and raising the ambient temperature slightly can reduce warping in the finished piece.

When considering a material to build an enclosure, one of the most important considerations apart from safety is that the enclosure must not obstruct the view of the working printer. By using either clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate in the build process you can be sure of a clear view of the printer in operation.

Learn more about Clear Acrylic, how to order and pricing here.

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3D Printer Enclosures
3D Printer Enclosures