Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex)

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Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex) image
Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex)
Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex)
Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex)
Clear as Glass Acrylic (Perspex)
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Maximum: 3050mm
Maximum: 2030mm

Step 2 - Optional Extras

Read more about Rubber Stops

Rubber Stops

Use our CLEAR Round Self Adhesive Rubber Stops on your Furniture Protector for a more secure finish or if you are concerned about possible slippage. Our packs contain 20 Rubber Stops.

The Rubber Stops are approximately 11mm x 2mm in size and made of clear polyurethane coated with a powerful pressure sensitive adhesive to the back.
In practice we have found that using a pad approximately every 300mm to 500mm is extremely effective in stopping the furniture protector from moving about when in use.



Read more about Polished Edges

Polished Edges

Our Polished Edge Service provides a high gloss shine to the edges of your plastic.  We polish  edges either with a flame or diamond polishing.  Simply tick the box to select this service.

Read more about Number of Holes

Number of Holes

If you have ordered standard holes we will drill 5mm holes centred 25mm from the edges in each corner or evenly spaced (depending on how many you order) unless you tell us otherwise.
For panels 150mm wide or less the holes will be centred 15mm from the edge of the material unless you tell us otherwise. To avoid compromising the material, holes cannot be centred any closer to the edge than 15mm

If you would like to tell us exactly where you would like your holes drilling and the hole diameter you can do so as you checkout. Please provide your instructions to us in our 'Special Comments’ box which you will see before you pay for your order. 

Alternatively, if you have a drawing you can upload it and attach it with your order.

That’s it. If we have any question’s we’ll be in touch. Thanks.

Read more about Hole Types

Holes Type

We will drill 5mm holes 25mm from the edges in each corner or evenly spaced (depending on how many you order) unless you tell us otherwise.

If you would like to tell us exactly where you would like your holes drilling and the hole diameter you can do so as you checkout. Please provide your instructions to us in our 'Special Comments’ box which you will see before you pay for your order. 

Alternatively, if you have a drawing you can upload it and attach it with your order.

That’s it. If we have any question’s we’ll be in touch. Thanks.

Read more about Hole Position Design

Hole Position Design

If you'd like to send us a drawing to show any requirements please upload it here. It will come to us along with your order details once you have paid.

File must be 5MB or less and be a PDF or image with any of the following extensions:

  • .gif
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
Read more about Screws


Our screws are 3.5mm x 30mm wall screws

Read more about Screw Covers

Screw Covers

Our screw covers are chrome effect

Read more about Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

We will round corners with a 25mm radius unless you tell us otherwise.

If you would like to specify the radius you can do so as you checkout. Please provide your instructions to us in our 'Special Comments’ box which you will see before you pay for your order. 

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Want To Know More...

Clear as Glass Acrylic Sheets (also known as Perspex)

Our clear extruded acrylic sheets here at The Plastic People offer near perfect optical clarity and make for great alternatives to glass.  That's because acrylic is around 10 x stronger than glass yet much lighter to handle.  Choose us and we will also be able to cut the acrylic sheeting to the sizes you need - just enter your measurements using the options above to get started.  Clear cut to size acrylic is a worthy alternative to cut to size glass.

Standout characteristics of our cut-to-size acrylic sheets

Our crystal-clear acrylic sheets also benefit from a high gloss surface, which is exceptionally hard-wearing as well as easy to form or bend. 

To ensure our acrylic sheets reach you in perfect condition, rest assured that we cover them with a protective film surface too ahead of delivery.

We have a selection of acrylic brands (Policril, Acryglass XT, Oroglass, Altuglas, Plexiglas and Perspex) which are all of a comparable quality and we use all in our business.  If you have a preference please let us know in the Notes section as you checkout.

How to order your cut to size or shape acrylic sheets

  • We cut our acrylic sheets to the exact size you need.  Simply enter your measurements in our Quote Calculator above. 
  • We also cut our acrylic sheets to shape. Access this service via the Cut To Shape tab which you'll find at the top of our Quote Calculator. 
  • If you'd like to send us a drawing of your requirements you can also upload it using our Quote Calculator.  It will arrive with our team once you have placed your order through our checkout.
  • Something else to tell us ?  If you have any other special comments, you can let us know in the Comments box as you checkout.

That's it. If we have any questions about the acrylic sheets you have ordered, we'll be in touch. 

 Alternatively,  email us a drawing of your requirements for a quote. We're happy to help.

Buy acrylic sheets online now or if you'd like to speak with our friendly team ahead of a purchase,  they can be reached on 0113 249 2222.

Thick Acrylic Sheets

If you're looking for thicker acrylic we have thicker acrylic cut to size available here.

Looking after clear as glass acrylic

We're often asked how to best clean acrylic sheets.  Please  use a soft cotton cloth to clean acrylic with warm soapy water.  Alterantively, we're very impressed with results from acrylic cleaner Vuplex which polishes acrylic to a high shine in minutes, keeping acrylic looking like brand new.  Add it to your order for our promotional price of £6.98.

Complimentary upgrade when buying 2mm acrylic sheets

Please note that we currently provide complimentary upgrades on orders for 2mm acrylic to PET. We do this because we'd rather supply you with a stronger option for better delivery. 
PET has a higher impact resistance so will break much less easily than 2mm acrylic which can’t be sent on a standard courier delivery. PET does however have a slightly softer surface than acrylic so it does scratch more easily and is therefore not suitable for furniture protectors.
If you are looking for material suitable for this purpose please take a look at our specific Furniture Protectors page here.

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Are Acrylic and Perspex the same ?
Perspex is a brand name for acrylic (in the same way that hoover is a brand name for a vaccum cleaner).  There are other brands of acrylic too – such as Plexiglass.
Can acrylic be used behind a hob ?

Acrylic can be used for kitchen splashbacks but the following distances should be kept between the outer edge of your hob and the acrylic: at least 60mm for ceramic hobs and at least 200mm for gas hobs. Acrylic is not suitable for use behind an Aga or similar range cooker.
See our splashback pages for further details.

Can acrylic be used in bathrooms ?
Acrylic can be used for bathroom splashbacks, shower splashbacks and bath panels. 

Acrylic can be delivered at a maximum size of 3m x 2m meaning it is possible to cover a large area without the need for any seams (this means no more grouting !). 

Because acrylic is so light, lfting acrylic and fixing it to walls is a fairly straightforward DIY task.  See our acrylic splashbacks for further details.
Can I buy acrylic offcuts?
Our acrylic is sold cut to size so we can supply what you need.  Working in this way we reduce our offcuts anda nything too small to reuse is collected for recycling.
How can I clean acrylic ?
We suggest simply use warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.   Any chemical cleaner should be avoided as it is likely to damage the acrylic.  If you would like to use a cleaning product we suggest our specialist acrylic cleaner and polish Vuplex.
How do I dispose of acrylic?
For recycling purposes plastics are categorised into 7 groups. Acrylic sheet is classified as group 7. Although group 7 plastics can be recycled most councils do not collect it in their curb side collections.
The best way to dispose of unwanted acrylic sheet is to take it to your local council household waste and recycling centre.
How do I remove scratches from acrylic?
Scratches can be removed from acrylic and this is something you can do yourself. Learn how by reading our blog post with step by step instructions of how to remove scratches from acrylic
How does acrylic compare to other plastics in strength?
In terms of strength and impact resistance, Polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic and is virtually unbreakable followed by PET/PETG and then acrylic. To put this into perspective with glass - acrylic is around 10 times stronger than glass and polycarbonate is around 200 times stromger than glass.
How flexible is acrylic?
Acrylic is relatively flexible compared to glass - it does bend. Thin acrylic sheets will bend more easily than thicker acrylic sheets.  If you over-flex acrylic it can crack or break.  If you require your acrylic bending we can do this for you, please email us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.
How scratch resistant is acrylic?
Acrylic is reasonably hard wearing but will scratch if something sharp or abrasive is put on it. 
Surface scratches can be removed from acrylic with a proprietary acrylic scratch remover.
Please see our blog post with step by step instructions of how to remove scratches from acrylic
How should I clean acrylic ?
The team here at The Plastic People are often asked about how to care for acrylic.  Acrylic should not be cleaned with chemical cleaners as this will very likely lead to damage.  Cleaning acrylic should be with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.  We are impressed with a cleaning product called Vuplex which polishes acrylic to a high shine in minutes, keeping acrylic looking like brand new.   It also protects new plastic from scratches and grime and restores plastic which has fine scratches and in ground grime. For this reason we sell Vuplex at a  promotional price of £5.99.
How strong is acrylic?
In impact resistance tests, acrylic has been found to be between 10 - 20 times stronger than glass.
Is acrylic better than glass ?
Acrylic is 17 x stronger than glass and about half the weight of glass.

This means it is physically easier to lift, hang, carry or transport around and safer at the same time too.  Should acrylic be dropped, it is much less likely to break too.  If it does break, it will not shatter in the same way as glass.  It would not break into tiny sharp shards but into a couple of large, easy to pick up pieces.  This makes it ideal for situations where safety is paramount.

Acrylic is also clearer than glass and actually transmits more light than glass.  


Is acrylic heat resistant ?

Acrylic is heat resistant up to 70 degrees.


Is acrylic safe for food?
Acrylic is food safe and will not leach toxic chemicals like BPA.
Is acrylic suitable for outdoor use ?

Yes, acrylic can be used outside.

Is clear acrylic suitable for secondary glazing ?
Yes, acrylic is a good choice for secondary glazing. 

The benefits of secondary glazing include increased thermal and sound insulation as well as extra security. Acrylic’s light weight and flexibility make it very easy to install yourself at home and the extremely high light translucence means there will be no noticable reduction in light entering the room.

For extra security consider using polycarbonate sheeting which is roughly 30 times stronger than acrylic and is also ideal for secondary glazing.
What are the advantages of acrylic over glass?
- Acrylic is very clear - it lets through 92% of the visible light as opposed to 80% to 90% for glass.
- Glass reflects more light than acrylic and the thicker the glass the more discolouration you will notice. No matter what the thickness of clear acrylic, it will always be clear.
- Scratches can be polished out of acrylic but scratched glass cannot be repaired.
- Acrylic does not shatter into sharp shards like glass. Acrylic breaks into large pieces with relatively blunt edges.
- Acrylic scratches easier than glass but surface scratching can be polished out of acrylic while glass would most likely need to be replaced.
- Acrylic is 20% more efficient than glass in reducing temperature flux which means that the outside temperature penetrates the acrylic less easily that it would penetrate glass.
What are the benefits of acrylic splashbacks?
Acrylic is a popular choice for splashbacks. The main benefits of acrylic splashbacks are:
- Versatility - acrylic can be cut to shape and size, is easily fabricated to accommodate socket holes or bends in walls
- Durablilty - acrylic is very strong and has a high impact resistance meaning it is very unlikely to break (like glass or tiles)
- Hygienic - acrylic is safe to use with food. Acrylic does not harbour bacteria and is very easy to wipe clean. The splashback can often be seamless meaning no more grout lines.
- Longevity - coloured acrylic is highly resistant to fading.
- Lightweight - meaning you can easily lift it to fit.
What is the difference between Perspex and acrylic ?
What is known as Perspex is really a brand of acrylic.

Acrylic is common thermoplastic.  It's chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).  PMMA was invented in 1933.  Acrylic became available for commercial use under various protected trademarks such as Perspex®.  Other trademarks include are Plexiglas®,  Acrylite®,  Altuglas® and Lucite Plazcryl®,.
Why should I use acrylic instead of glass?
Acrylic is a great alternative to glass in that it is  about half the weight and 10 times the strength or glass making it a safer material. In addition, acrylic:
- Insulates better than glass
- Takes less energy to make             
- Offers higher impact resistance where glass can be more easily broken, becoming hazardous
- Provides better optical clarity
- Can be easily fabricated or shaped
- Can be polsihed to remove any scratching where glass cannot

Free Standard Delivery On Orders Over £100

All orders are delivered using our standard delivery service which operates through mainland UK.

This is currently free on orders over £100.   Orders under £100 are charged £6.50 although more remote areas are charged £15 and £25  (depending on postcode). The cost of delivery will be displayed before checkout.  

Next Day Delivery

We can deliver orders for clear acrylic & polycarbonate (upto 6mm thick), white, black and opal acrylic as well as acrylic mirror and flexi-edge using our Next day service.  Where we can provide Next Day Delivery of your order we will offer this as an option for you to select at checkout.  

Next Day delivery costs £10 or £18 depending on the size of your order although more remote areas are charged £20 and £25 (depending on postcode). The cost of delivery will be displayed before checkout.

Orders for Next Day must be received before 1pm. Orders after 1pm choosing our Next Day delivery will be delivered the following working day after. 

Safe Delivery

If we think that your order cannot be delivered safely using our standard service we will advise you. This normally is only the case for orders so large they need to be delivered on a pallet.  

Delivery Times

Orders that aren't coming on our Next Day service will be sent out as quickly as possible.

Cut To Size orders are usually delivered within 3 days. Orders with optional extras or shapes are usually delivered within 5 days.  

This is based on receiving orders by 1pm. We will always display your estimated delivery date in your shopping basket so that you can see it before choosing to order with us.  

In the event of any difficulties we will email to advise you.


You are most welcome to collect your order at our Trade Counter in Leeds.  This is a free service. Our Trade Counter is open 8am - 4pm (3pm on Fridays).  

Special Instructions

If you would like to provide any special delivery instructions please just let us know you place your order. Choose from our special delivery messages or leave us your own. Thanks. Please note we cannot update our drivers with new delivery information once your order is on its way

When you place an order with us you can expect:

  • an email from us confirming your purchase
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  • an email from our courier to let you know delivery details, including the option to re-arrange
  • your order to arrive safely in excellent condition.

That's because we invest in a careful packaging and delivery service:

  • we carefully cover your plastic to safeguard it during transit

  • we add extra protection around all corners, which are more vulnerable

  • we finish our protective packaging with a sturdy outer

  • we send your plastic to you using reputable tracked services

  • our plastic is also protected by film on both sides so when you receive it simply peel this off to reveal your plastic.

Receiving Your Delivery

Someone needs to sign for your order as it is delivered. If you are out when our courier delivers they will leave a card for you to contact them with details on how to pick up your order or rearrange delivery at a more convenient time.

If you know you're not going to be in you can always provide an alternative delivery address as you place your order with us. For example, a relatives or a work address.


If your order arrives with any signs of damage please sign for it as DAMAGED.  Please email us a photograph of the damage along with your order number within 3 days for a refund or replacement. Please keep your packaging so the goods can be collected and returned to us.

No Quibble Returns

We aim to please. If we supply imperfect goods or get your order wrong please email and tell us within 14 days and we will replace or refund your order without fuss. Please keep the protective film on the plastic and don't try to use it.

If you want to return plastic to us you the cost of doing so is your responsibility.  We recommend that you use a delivery service which insures the value of the order as the plastic remains your responsibility until it reaches us at:

The Plastic People Returns
221 Pontefract Lane
Cross Green


You have the right to cancel your order for any item purchased from The Plastic People for a full refund except bespoke, cut to size shape orders made to your specific specifications. If you wish to cancel your order please email us, quoting your order number, within 14 working days of the day after you receive the goods.

If your order has already been processed when you email us, you will need to return the goods to us in their original condition using the Returns Procedure here.

We have lots of helpful hints and tips for working with acrylic. Here is a selection of our most popular guides:

Read our handy tips on maintenance and some great helpful ideas too.

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