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5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for the Summer 

Written by MS
07/06/2021 10:00:23

After one of the wettest Mays on record here in the UK, the sun has finally begun to make an appearance this June. And temperatures have hit mid-20s degrees celsius in some parts of the country! 
When the weather is as glorious as this, it’s hard to stay away from the garden. Whether it’s family dinners on the patio, entertaining guests near the garden bar, or simply a spot of solo sunbathing, the garden is the perfect location for myriad activities. 
That’s why, in this latest blog from The Plastic People, we are bringing you 5 ways to get your garden ready for the summer months. By following these tips, tricks, and ideas, you are sure to create an outstanding space - which all your friends and guests will envy! 
Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more garden and home design ideas. It is updated weekly with new projects and tips. Click here to give us a follow. 
As with all things DIY and home improvement, if you fail to prepare, the tasks ahead get endlessly more difficult. There are a few quick jobs you can complete to help you in advance of the big projects:
  • Pruning: Get out your rake, spade, and loppers ready as it’s time to tame your wild garden. Make sure to trim any rouge branches from trees and bushes, and remove all those pesky weeds from your flower beds and lawn. After all, you want to be able to enjoy looking at your garden in all its splendour. 
  • General Repairs: It’s time to fix all those small things that didn’t fare so well over the winter months. Broken fence panels, shed windows, and similar items are fairly easy and cheap to replace. We offer a range of bespoke glazing services for sheds and greenhouses. Click here to find out more. 
  • Declutter: We'll talk about this a bit in the next section, where we focus on garden storage, but it’s always worth going through your shed and similar outbuildings to get rid of any broken and outdated tools, and other miscellaneous items that are just taking up space. 
Now, it’s all well and good planning lavish garden expansions and DIY projects, but if you do not have the means to facilitate these plans, then, you find yourself a bit stuck. Garden storage is an often overlooked, but vitally important feature of any successful and alluring outdoor space. 
A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog specifically on home storage ideas and solutions. Make sure to click here and check that out for a more in-depth guide. 
The most common mistake people make when purchasing garden storage boxes or sheds is not taking into account the size of their outdoor space. If you choose a large shed for a small garden, you will dramatically shrink your workable space. 
With this in mind, always consider what garden items you really need to keep safe and out of sight. Prioritise a lockable storage box for, say, expensive equipment over garden cushions, which you could keep somewhere indoors. 
We provide a range of ready-made garden sheds and bin sheds for our customers. These plastic storage spaces are waterproof and lockable - keeping all your tools, equipment and accessories safe. Click here to find out more today. 
Going Green 
For the horticulturalists among you, we have a few quick tips to get your garden green this summer! We have already produced a blog all about sustainable home and garden improvements so make sure to click here and check that out if you are so inclined. 
In the rather unreliable climate of the UK, the easiest way to consistently reap the rewards of a plant-based life is by using greenhouses and cold frame glazing to create the perfect environment for vegetal life! 
We recommend using polycarbonate for all your glazing needs as it is 250 times stronger than glass and easy to cut to any shape or size. Polycarbonate is often treated to become UV resistant too. Check out our range of polycarbonate panels by clicking here. 
Entertaining Spaces
After a quick whip around the office here at The Plastic People, we decided the greatest benefit of having a garden is using it as an entertaining space in the summer months! This has only been made more important due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns of the last 18-months. 
Our top ways to create great entertaining spaces include:
  • Decking: In recent years, the decking options available here in the UK have expanded dramatically, making a deck more affordable. Of course, you can still opt for traditional wood decks that need treating/painting on an almost yearly basis. Nevertheless, composite (plastic) decking has recently become more sustainable and cheaper - and what’s more, is the upkeep is minimal! It’s perfect for creating an entertaining space. 
  • Patio: Traditional flagstone patios are the slightly more expensive alternative to decking, but the effect they can have on a space is simply breath-taking. It’s easy to make your patio into an entertaining space with the addition of some furniture and a patio cover to protect you from the elements. We offer a range of plastic patio covers to suit any taste or style. Click here to find out more. 
  • Bar Area: What feeling is better than having a beer or glass of wine in the sun? I think you’d struggle to find one! Creating a bar in your garden can be a DIY project - palette bars have become more and more popular in recent years, and so guides can be found easily online. 
Garden Office 
One thing that always stops us from spending as much time in the garden as we would like in the summer is that same old 9-to-5 job. Nonetheless, we have a solution that can give you the best of both worlds! 
We have got used to working from home due to lockdown, so why not simply relocate your home office outside? 
There are a few ways to do this. Firstly, you could repurpose outbuildings you already have - such as a summerhouse or conservatory - and turn them into an office complete with desk, chair and soft furnishings. 
Alternatively, we have noticed several companies popping up online offering garden office pods and similar small builds that they assemble for you. Though these spaces may come with a steep price tag, it is the easiest way to get to enjoy the sun even while you’re stuck in your fourth Zoom meeting of the day!
That just about brings us to the end of this blog on our top 5 ways to get your garden ready for the summer! Whether you are looking to grow your own produce, or create a stunning entertaining space, we hope there has been a tip for you in this blog! 
We would love to hear about your garden projects and design ideas. You can reach us on social media: it’s @barkstonplastic on Twitter and Instagram, or click here to message us on Facebook. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email at service@theplasticpeople.co.uk
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