Plastic Cut To Size

Thanks to The Plastic People’s highly accurate cut to size service, you’ll only pay for what you want.  

Our cut to size service covers a wide range of materials. Access the service for acrylic perspex to receive a brilliant alternative to glass or look for  polycarbonate for shatter proof glazing and greenhouses.

In regards to our cutting and fabricating tolerances, we normally use machines which cut to a tolerance of +/- 1mm.  We find this suits the vast majority of our customers, helping us to deliver a five-star service.

If you need tighter accuracy though, please contact us today and we can use our CNC routers to accommodate your needs. Please note that this will come at an additional cost.

To get a quote for the plastic cut to size sheets you need, simply enter the size and thickness of the material you require in the box to the right. Don’t forget to inform us of any special requirements too, such as drilled holes, rounded corners or polishing.

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