Make A Table Protector

Protect your table tops and surfaces from scratches, water marks and other dirt with Clear as Glass Acrylic.
10x stronger than glass, acrylic is an excellent and safer alternative to glass.  It can be kept in perfect condition with the use of acrylic polish and cleaner.  We cut acrylic to the size you need to protect your table top and deliver it safely to your door.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to do.

How do I order a top to fit and protect my table ?

For round tables: measure the diameter and enter it into our Discs Calculator  for an instant quote and to purchase.

Otherwise: measure the length and width, and use our Cut To Size Calculator for an instant quote and to purchase.

We'll deliver the acrylic you need safely, ready to protect your table.

How do I fit the acrylic so it protects my table ?

The acrylic simply lies on your table top and protects your table surface from damage.

How durable is an acrylic table top?

Acrylic table tops make an excellent and safer alternative to glass table tops. That's because Acrylic is 10 x stronger than glass and won't shatter like glass if it should fall.  Acrylic offers near perfect optical clarity and really shines when polished.

Ordering Is Easy

You can see prices for and buy round table tops, square and rectangular table tops on our site. You will need either the diameter of your table (if it is round) or length and width measurements (if it is square or recatngular).

Get prices for Table Tops

Get a price for round table tops here and rectangular or square table tops here.




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