Indestructible Greenhouse Glazing

Polycarbonate is a great glazing option for greenhouses. It’s 200x stronger than glass and half its weight making it a superb, easy to use choice to replace broken or existing greenhouse glass panels. Because polycarbonate is so strong you can be confident you'll not need to replace your polycarbonate panels anytime soon. Polycarbonate is also ideal for making cold frames & cloches and replacing glass to make vulnerable doors & windows more secure.

Here’s how to do glaze your greenhouse with polycarbonate:

Working out replacement greenhouse panels

Simply measure your existing greenhouse panels then enter these measurements into our cut to size calculator. We'll cut panels especially to the sizes you provide and deliver them safely, ready to go in your greenhouse.

Fitting replacement greenhouse panels

If your replacement panels are the same size as your original panels you can fit them in exactly the same way as your original panels. You can use the same clips. On wooden frames you can even drill polycarbonate on (it will not break) or use putty. If you like, we can drill any holes in ready for you.

Cut to Size

We offer a complete cut to size service.

Our easy to use online ordering system allows for a wide variety of options.

Cut to Size

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