Cheap and Easy Double Glazing

Our Magnetglaze kit is a really simple and quick way to double glaze a window – no tools needed. Here’s how to double glaze your windows using magnetglaze:

Work out what size glazing you need

Enter the measurements of your desired window pane size in our Made To Measure box. We recommend using 2mm thick as your glazing option - choose this from the gauge/thickness menu.

How to fit magnetglaze

You'll need a pair of scissors and a tape measure – no other tools required. Cut the self-adhesive strips to the size of your window. Stick the magnetic strip to your plastic glazing; stick the metal strip your window frame. The two parts then click together. Very easy to remove and replace as required.

For large windows, such as 1200mm x 1200mm or bigger, we recommend you place a couple of screws immediately below the glazing panel to add extra support and to prevent the chance of slippage. We do not recommend this product for sloping windows.

What’s in the kit?

In the kit is your plastic glazing cut to the size you need, 2 x 5m white self-adhesive strips (one magnetic, one metallic), and easy to follow instructions.

Ordering Is Easy

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