Flexi-edge Lawn Edging

Flexi-edge lawn edging available at The Plastic People, is the perfect choice for your garden edging. Standing out for simple and quick installation, environmentally friendly design and low cost Flexi-edge is:

•    Tidy  — keeps lawn edges, grass and borders separate.
•    Flexible — this lawn edging is great for straight and curved edges as it bends up to 70 degrees. It's perfect for bushes and trees as well as lawns!.
•    Quick to install — our packs contain 6 x 1m lengths which connect together, DIY-ers can install about 15m of this lawn edging in an hour.
•    Easy to install — Flexi-edge simply stakes into place with no digging required.
•    Reusable — Flexi-edge can be moved time and time again allowing you to change your garden's lawn edging.
•    Durable — made from recycled material that is virtually indestructible, you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing or maintaining your lawn edging again anytime soon.

Our Flexi-edge lawn edging is available in packs of 6 x 1m lengths in terracotta, brown, black and grey colours.

Download our  installation guide to see just how easy Flexi-edge is to install. For inspiration, on how to use \\Flexi-edge in our garden take a look at our customer gallery

Ready to make a purchase? Buy Flexi-edge lawn edging online below.

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