We're polycarbonate experts and are confident you'll join our many happy customers after shopping with us.  We deliver top quality polycarbonate safely to your door (cut to your measurements and drilled if you like) and we don't think you'll find this elsewhere for less.  290x stronger than glass and less than half its weight, polycarbonate is easy to handle and superb for safe, secure outdoor glazing.

Polycarbonate is an ideal choice for roofing - patios, swimming pools and conservatory roofs, greenhouses, carports and canopies.   Buy it to the exact measurements you need below - cut down on wastage and make it easier to work with when it arrives.  Alternatively, email us your dimensions / drawing / requirements and we'll be happy to give you advice and price.

Buy polycarbonate sheets online or use our Cut to Size options below to get and pay only for what you want. Simply click on our Cut to Size calculator and type in the size and thickness of polycarbonate in the colour of your choice to get a quote.  Change any dimension to change your price.

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