Use our ‘At A Glance’ chart to help choose the best adhesive for your project. We have listed which adhesives work best with which plastics as a guide. For more details read our PDF's.

Choose the right adhesive:

View this image to see which Adhesive to use.
Product User Guides & Data Sheets
Acrylic Glue - Indoor (Tensol 12) Product Data User Guide
Acrylic Glue - Outdoor (Tensol 70) Product Data User Guide
Evo Stik Extru Fix Product Data User Guide
Acrylic Mirror Adhesive Product Data
PVC Glue (Evo Stik 613) Product Data
Outdoor PVC Glue (Evo Stik 3019) Product Data
PVC Gunnable Adhesive (Evo Stik) Product Data
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