Welcome to The Plastic People, where you can order top-quality PVC.   We supply white pvc and grey pvc.   

Otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride,  PVC is strong, lightweight, durable and rated as self extinguishing. Self extinguishing materials provide added safety regarding fire protection.  Flame retardant is good but self extinguishing is better!  PVC sheets also have exceptional chemical resistance, high mechanical and tensile strength and a high degree of stability. This combination make pvc sheets easily weldable and one of the worlds most versatile general purpose plastics.

White pvc and grey pvc  make them an excellent choice for bathroom cladding, fascia boards, soffit boards and wall coverings for kitchens.  White pvc is a popular choice for a hygienic, clean look.  Both white pvc and grey pvc sheets are popular choices because they are highly durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly and easy to work with.

We also supply PVC cement, which is an extremely fast setting low-VOC PVC cement for use in wet or dry conditions alike.

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PVC Products

Grey PVC Extruded Sheet
Grey PVC Extruded Sheet
from £30.85 inc VAT
White PVC Extruded Sheet
White PVC Extruded Sheet
from £38.57 inc VAT
Wet & Dry PVC Cement 240ml
Wet & Dry PVC Cement 240ml
from £13.18 inc VAT