How emergency vehicles reduced downtime

Emergency vehicle manufacturers report a common problem they face: financial loss arising from  increased and premature vehicle down time due to corrosion and leakage from cast water transfer couplings.

Our team of plastic experts have provided more economic, reliable and durable solutions by working from existing detailed drawings for various pipes and couplings and manufacturing them in plastic. Using high quality polypropylene pipe or solid block together with our varied range of CNC router, millers and borers and hand craftsmanship we are able to create stronger, sturdier fluid transfer couplings which will not corrode or deteriorate, providing emergency rescue vehicle manufacturers with corrosion-free, stronger and significantly more durable solutions.

With a life span at least twice as long as cast couplings and typically manufactured for half the cost, the plastic couplings manufactured by our team are proving to be the solution of choice for many emergency rescue vehicle manufacturers with the challenge of transporting fluids at high pressures.   The plastic coupling solutions are robust,  chemically inert and do not corrode like cast iron counterparts. Where corroding cast iron couplings reduce pipe capacity and ultimately lead to the collapse of pipes, plastic couplings perform consistently.   

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How emergency vehicles reduced downtime
How emergency vehicles reduced downtime