Plastic Solutions For Transport

Our engineering specialists have pioneered fabrication in a material new to the UK for the manufacture of vehicle bodies that are safer, stronger and more durable. Our team co-operates on the production of the bodies in the co-polymer Polybilt, in place of the traditional glass fibre and aluminium.  

Advantages of Polybilt include improved impact-resistance and ease of repair, compared with the traditional glass fibre and aluminium..

The co-polymer used in PolyBilt has a unique combination of compressive strength and flexibility giving it superb impact resistance. This translates in the field to little or no damage when impacting street furniture and walls. Even in a high speed collision, there is no shock transfer through the body, keeping damage to a minimum. It is also highly heat resistant, meaning vehicle paint will ignite and tyres melt before it is even affected. The design incorporates an integral water tank which delivers a host of operational and safety advantages for fire and rescue crews.

Financial advantages of the new body include lower running costs and a remarkably long operational life of up to 40 years, plus a re-mountable option for a second life.