Choose The Plastic People for expertise manufacturing for green energy initiatives.  

We have made crucial, integral parts for solar panels, hydrogen fuel and wind turbines. You can rely on us to provide excellent exact standards, full traceability on all items manufactured, quick deliveries and complete confidentiality and product reliability.

Here are some of the projects we have been involved in manufacturing:
  • the crucial, integral parts of batteries designed for use as stand-alone solar installations, wind installations and to assist with the balance of electricity grid requirements.  Key to this has been our consistent ability to provide design advice and welded plastic components with no vibration damage and guaranteed seals meeting necessary and exact high specifications.
  • integral parts of hydrogen fuel cells which convert waste hydrogen (otherwise destined for our atmosphere) into electricity.   
  • all plastic parts to produce Flow Batteries which enable energy to be absorbed from wind farms and stored;
  • the hydrogen fuel tanks which helped London’s taxis to become greener in time for the 2012 Olympic Games;
  • fuel tanks for an aircraft to run off water – though only a 2 seaters so far!
  • small electricity generating fuel cells to be used in jackets and backpacks of army soldiers ensuring they have power when out in combat
  • to provide switch gear to go into power stations and sub stations.