For when your equipment and products need to stand the test of time in all conditions

Does your business operate in hazardous environments ?  Perhaps you need equipment that is fire retardant, anti-static or food safe ?  Or capable of handling or storing corrosive chemicals ?

Whatever environmental challenges your business operates in, durable equipment, parts and products could be the competitive advantage that makes your business stand out.  This is where The Plastic People can help you
Longer lifetime value 
Because material is so durable and robust.

More cost effective
Parts, components and products we manufacture are generally lighter in weight than if they are made with other materials.  This means they tend to be easier and cheaper to move, and with less emissions too.

Lower maintenance
Our plastic solutions are typically seam free and extremely durable. In fact, we’d go so far as to say virtually indestructible.  In the unlikely event that  they do get damaged, they can be very quickly welded back up.

Greater durability
The plastic we manufacture with will be the strongest for your purpose.  They are very unlikely to be damaged even if they’re thrown about or exposed to corrosive chemicals.

Suited to all types of special conditions
We work with all types of plastics.  We use plastics which have all different kinds of special qualities for special conditions.  We work with plastics which are food safe, fire retardant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, suitable for clinical and medical purposes and corrosion proof.  We can make plastic super safe by removing any sharp edges, need for seams and create a great design at the same time, in case how your finished part or product looks is important to you.