Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack)

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Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack) image
Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack)
Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack)
Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack)
Flexi-edge Lawn Edging (6m pack)
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Flexi-edge Lawn Edging

  • Create tidy lawn edges & manicured garden borders - lawn edging is made simple with Flexi-edge: the easy to create border
  • Ideal for curved beds and around trees - each Flexi-edge is a sturdy and incredibly flexible lawn edging, bending upto 70 degrees. Let Flexi-edge guide you in making natural curves around your lawn edges and beds.  Flexi-edge is designed to tilt forward on sharp curves.   
  • Mow easily right up to the edge of your lawn - with Flexi-edge's  special design you can mow right up to the edge of your lawn so you won't need to do any more string trimming 
  • No more maintenance - because Flexi-edge is made from recycled rubber it is virtually indestructible and weather-proof: it needs no staining or varnishing. The recycled rubber also makes Flexi-edge very safe; edges are round and soft making it ideal as lawn edging for gardens with children. 
  • 4 colours to reuse, time and time again - All Flexi-edges can be easily lifted up and relaid as your garden changes over time and you need to change the shape of your lawn edging. Please note - the grey Flexi-edge is charcoal grey.
  • Flexi-edge is sold as pack of 6, size: L: (1m) W:(7.5cm) H:(8cm)
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Easy to install

  • NO digging is needed ! Flexi-Edge just stakes into place to create straight or curved  lawn edging
  • Simply place Flexi-edge where you want to create your border or lawn edging
  • Each Flexi-edge is 1m long - our packs contain 6 Flexi-edges which can be connected together with the provided connector rods.  Each Flexi-edge has pre-drilled holes at its end  - simply slide the rods into these holes to connect Flexi-edges together
  • When you are ready to stake your lawn edging into place, start with the stakes closest to the connectors. This will give extra strength during installation
  • Flexi-edge can easily be cut with a hacksaw, handsaw or electric saw if you need to shorten or adpt it in any way.  Use a miter box for a more accurate cut
  • DIY-ers can expect to install about 15m of Flexi-edge lawn edging in an hour.

Benefits For You and The Environment

  • Flexi-edge is made from scrap tyres* which are virtually indestructible – so you won’t need to worry about replacing and maintaining your edging in the next few decades.  You can feel good about your choice too because using Flexi-edge means that you have helped reduce landfill.

*and an industrial glue and an exterior paint (which is mixed throughout the product). 

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flexi-edge be cut ?
Flexi-edge can easily be cut with a hacksaw, handsaw or electric saw if you need to shorten or adapt it in any way.  Use a miter box for a more accurate cut
How bendy is Flexi-edge ?
Flexi-edge bends upto 70 degrees. It is great for using around trees and curved borders.
How do I fit flexi-edge ?
Flexi-edge is very easy to fit without digging. There are 3 steps:

1. Position -  your flexi-edge where you want your border. 
2. Connect - Each flexi-edge simply connects to another with the connectors provided. Each flexi-edge has pre-drilled holes at its end for the connectors to slide into.
3. Stake – when you are ready stake flexi-edge into place starting with the stakes closest to the connectors.  This gives extra strength during installation 
How is Flexi-edge environmentally friendly ?
Flexi-edge is made from rubber tyres that would otherwise be headed for landfill so in using this product you are helping to divert from landfill.
How many Flexi-edge are in a pack ?
There are 6 x 1m lengths in each pack of Flexi-edge.
Is Flexi-edge sharp?
Flexi-edge is made from recycled rubber so it is not sharp at all. It is ideal for using where there are children and pets – if anyone should fall on it there are no sharp or dangerous edges.
What colours is Flexi-edge available in ?
Flexi-edge is available in grey, black, brown and terracotta
What size is each flexi-edge ?
Each flexi-edge is: L: (1m) W:(7.5cm) H:(8cm)
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