The Plastic People are committed to providing high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service. 

Products and components are designed and built to meet and, where appropriate, exceed tender specifications. This includes ensuring that we meet and exceed any relevant industry-specific regulations or standards.

Key personnel, experience and references

Our engineering team consists of highly experienced and practiced engineers who have worked within the industry for 47 years and apprentices who learn from them and bring fresh ideas.   Our engineers are experienced and qualified so we can always deliver a consistently and exceptionally high standard.  

A quality management system (QMS) is in operation at The Home of The Plastic People to support our commitment of consistently delivering high quality. Our QMS is accredited to ISO 9000 and a copy of the certification is available here. We have worked with ISO for over 30 years.

Our high standard of quality and operation are checked by the UK Accreditation Service annually and by a four yearly in depth audit.

We approach every project on a case by case basis to ensure we deliver on time, to budget and to exacting standards. If you're interested in how we can help your business do things better, take a look at our quick read here.
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