Low Cost Border Edging For A Tidy Garden

If you like your grass seperate from your garden borders this quick and easy to do garden project will be of interest to you because that is what you can achieve in under an hour on a garden border of upto 50 feet long:)   

Using Ecoborder - an environmentally friendly garden border edging product - you can have perfect garden edges quickly and easily.  Each Ecoborder is 4ft long, sturdy yet incredibly flexible - it can bend upto 70 degrees end to end so you can make curved borders. And, they are simple to achieve.   There is also a mower edge design which eliminates the need for string trimming!

It is easy to install, arrange and re-arrange time and time again with no trimming or digging required. 

Edging That Is Easy To Install, Move & Re-use


Installation Instructions


  • Use it against the lawn, along a walkway or patio, or to trim around a fixture like a fence
  • NO digging needed ! Stake into place.
  • Recessed holes achieve maximum holding power from the stakes
  • All hardware (stakes and connectors) included
  • Pieces bend up to 70 degrees from end-to-end
  • Most installations will not need to cut the product at all until they get to the very end of the run - the part where they will usually bump into the house. At this point, cut with a handsaw or hacksaw (use a miter box for a more accurate cut).
  • DIY-ers can expect to install about 50 feet in an hour


Environmentally Friendly Too


Ecoborder is made from recycled crumb rubber.  

As well as being environmentally friendly this also

makes Ecoborder incredibly long lasting and practically

maintenance free product. It won't rot or ever need




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